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Triang Hornby R157 / 158 / 334 3 Car DMU

Triang Hornby R157 / 158 2 Car DMU. Power unit numbered M79079 with BR roundal and yellow panelled front. Dummy car numbered M79632 no logo and plain green front but this was correct when produced. Centre car M59120 The set is in excellent condition. A later model power car with the smooth wheels that usually work on more modern track. Come with the destination Town name sheets. This is a lovely example of the DMU set, later genearlly known as class 101, althought these power cars wern't! Come in original boxes, the power car and centre being in a Triang Hornby version whilst the dummy is in a Triang one. I would say the dummy car is older than the other two, but this is how they came to me. We did buy items as we could afford them!

Price £50 (reserved awaiting payment)

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