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Firstly, I must set one thing straight; I don’t collect Matchbox models. I do however seem to have a lot of them!
It started, as I guess it did for many kids, when I was still a young schoolboy. I used to spend my pocket money in a shop called ‘H Corser & Son’ in the town of Shifnal, Shropshire where I grew up. At that time it was the old style 1-75 range, with the old style wheels, but the change to ‘superfast’ came as I started to afford a few more. Many an hour was spent at a friends house playing with them. He had Superfast track and for some reason I had the Hotwheels equivalent - We made them interchangeable with our own track joiners! There then followed the time that most train collectors have, they were put away and replaced by girlfriends (I didn’t stop the trains by the way). Once married, I saw an advert in our local newspaper from a farmer who was selling about 50 due to the Foot and mouth outbreak in the 80s. Since then I have just picked them up from boot sales, charity or collectors shops and the odd one or two from shows. To confirm I don’t collect them – I really have no idea if any of the collection is rare, valuable or even unique! Please let me know if I can retire on any of them!

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Selection of mainly tipper lorriesFlatbeds with loads, Tankers, Open back and Dustbin Lorries!Some very old ones, Horseboxes, Coca Cola and a few oddballs!
Emergency Services, Milk Floats and again some early models. When younger, I wanted to be milkman!Cranes, Diggers and a few military items.A selection of what I call standard cars!
More Standard Cars. I loved the Capri when I was a kid!Mixed selection of early Superfast custome cars.Some of the more obscure Superfast cars, a few racers and bikes.
Buses Landrovers and boats.Caravans, Trailors Horse Boxes and Tractors.A few interlopers – Artic lorries.
Four different Collectors Cases. Top left bought in USA.Inside the cases, the USA one holds cars in their boxes. There are 4 trays to the UK ones on the right, holding 48 cars.