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On this page you can see some of the locos that I am probably best known for!.
My first loco was a Nellie, in an RS24 set. I have to thank my late uncle for it - he bought me a Tri-ang Puff Puff loco for my Christmas present in 1963, I already had one and so, my parents exchanged it for the afore mentioned set. I still have the original Nellie and (re-painted) wagons, but sadly no box!

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The loco that started it all, my 1963 Nellie, a bit worn but still running.A better condition standard Nellie No. 7.A very early example with original style lining.
A big display of 0-4-0s at TCS show in Biggleswade.Same show - note the later clockwork sets at the rear.More from the same show.
A 'standard' Connie, No.6.A 'standard' Polly, No.9.Green No.27 but with plated version wheels.
Original black version with embossed BR logo.Later version with transfer version of BR logo.Cheap version for sets without logo.
Later 7178 version with gold lining and plated wheels.7178 again but with yellow lining and non plated wheels.An Australian finished Nellie - note the different lining and style of 6.
25550 with small dome and non plated wheels.Another 25550 with silver dome and plated wheels.Proof that the dome was removed and repositioned after the chrome domed version was made!
Connie in blue, she was advertised in blue and yellow.Factory error of No.9 on blue Nellie. I also have one with original namplates.Later blue loco, incorrectly named Polly that appears to be factory fitted.
Another error, No.6 named Nellie.Another incorrect No.6, this time red and Polly! 6 Wheeled! I found this one with a Mainline class 03 chassis - its a very good fit.
This was the end of Nellie - she became a push along toy for a few years. Note the missing detail.A few of the push along versions.Wild West version of the Top Tank loco.