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Hornby / John Player Cigarette R876 Hymek Freight Set

Hornby / John Player Cigarette R876 Hymek Freight Set. This set was intended for general mail order catalgue issue but this example appears to have been supplied by John Player, the tabacco company. They used to run a scheme where smokers could collect reward points and exchange them for 'prizes'. My belief; supported by other Triang enthusiasts, is that this is one of those. You rewards. You would have had to smoke a ot of cigarettes to get one, so they must be incredibly rare in these pack. The set contains a Hymek loco in BR blue, number D7063, 5 wagons, Ocean open, Kelloggs van, Blue Circle Tank, Esso tank and Brake van. All in excellent conditon. Also with it come instructions dated 3rd September 1975, Service information, Cataloge no 20 and an invitation to visit a model club. The main thing though is the postage franking label confirming it came from John Players. These sets were supplied in the brown sleeve without a red box lid. A very rare item for the collector.

Sold for £115

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