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Tri-ang Collectables - My own publication

My own publication about Tri-ang Railways. The following detail is the publishers description of the book - UK post is £2.51, please ask for overseas rates. Many children spend hours enjoying their first train set – but imagine the hobby never runs out of steam and the train set develops into a lifelong hobby. That first set conceivably could have been made by Tri-ang, a member of the Lines Bros group of companies. This book gives an enjoyable account of that boy’s journey through life with his trains. We follow the story with a brief history of Tri-ang from its formation to the present-day Hornby and a look at how a first train set can develop into a life of collecting, describing the overall range in general. Some of the classic models are covered in detail, covering an overview of changes that were made over the years and the kinds of detail that collectors should look out for when sourcing rarer items. Tri-ang Collectibles covers a variety of topics surrounding collecting: discover more about the tools and parts available from Tri-ang’s network of service dealers, and read about some of the compatible systems that Tri-ang made to complement the railway system; learn where to buy items and discover the wealth of advice and enthusiasm in the social community that has grown up around collectors, both online and ‘for real’. And, above all, look through these pages and enjoy the happy childhood memories they are sure to conjure up! - See more at: https://www.amberley-books.com/coming-soon/tri-ang-collectibles.html#sthash.Ve2SQ34W.dpuf

Price £15.99

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