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On this page on Dave Angell Trains there are images of Minic Motorway, the road system by Triang from the 60s and early 70s. It had a number of what we now call interfaces with the Triang Railway system including level crossings and road with railway built in. It also included;- junctions, cross roads, bridges, a ferry system and many buildings to populate a whole village. Cars, commercial vehicles and even a tank were available.
I tried to resist starting this collection but a colleague kept trying for over two years to sell me his and in the end I gave in!

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Typical layout, at Bayston Hill Shrewsbury - a favourite show of mine!A pair of Heliports, unusual in blue.The same layout showing the double flyover bridges.
Road Rail loading ramp and siding at end of road.Rail siding entering road section and Frontier Post.Closer view of flyovers
Left side of display in Cheltenham for Triang Society.Centre of same layout, showing the working roundabout.Right hand side with a Ferry and Sea.
A closer view of the Ferry systemAnother Shrewsbury show, with some single carriageway roads.Another general view
Mad Motorist, with car in garage.Mad Motorist with car backed into roadway!Derby 2013, the Road Rail unit has a repainted tractor and repaired rail converter but is still a favourite.
Overall view of the layout at Derby - Pavement, ferries and flyover.End view of the same layoutParticularly pleased with the dual carriageway and pavement - hard to come by!
I do like the blue heliport.Most people are happy to have one ferry, some repro parts and one sinking, but Im proud of these - and the A40s and Renaults!