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On this page of Dave Angell Trains you can see part of my collection of Triang / Pedigree / Lines Bros etc toys, mainly tin, but one or two interlopers.
My collection of Triang Tin Toys actually started before my Triang Railways days. I was fortunate enough that as a little child, my parents and family appeared to appreciate the quality of their product and I was the lucky receiver of a few of them for birthdays or Christmas’s. Sadly time took its toll and most of the originals are long since gone, but the particular story of one lives on in the form of my first Nellie. The story being, that for Christmas 1963, my late Uncle Ted, bought me a pull along Puff Puff Train. However, I already had one and so it was returned to the shop and exchanged for a train set – RS24 The Pick Up Goods.
Over the years, I have seen the odd Tin Toy that has taken my fancy and gradually I seem to have accumulated quite a few. I’ve not gone out of my way to find them and certainly not spent lots of money on ‘mint in box’ versions. Some are original and good, whilst others are a bit tatty, or restored. My motto being that if I like it and can afford it, I’ll have it!

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Christmas 1961 and my original Duke car. My Dad brought it home on Peterbourough Uniteds reserve team coach from Shrewsbury on Boxing Day!The same Christmas. The wheelbarrow was also Triang and I still have the Noddy egg cupAround 2010 I found a Duke box on ebay, the post cost more than the item, but I had to get a replacement car to go in it.
My replacement Puff Puff loco. My original Puff Puff had a black roof, but this one was too good to refuse.Unusually the bellows till work and make the Puff Puff sound.
A Baby Puff Puff in blue with black roof Another blue and black Baby Puff Puff with different makers plate.Close up of working bellows and label on 2nd loco.
Another Baby Puff Puff in blue with yellow roof.The rear of the same loco.Label of the above blue and black loco, the same as the yellow roofed one.
A Model 24 loco in red and yellow Rear of the same loco.An early Model 21 LMS loco with early steel wheels.
The Dock Crane – At about 4 feet tall, its quite a monster toy!The same crane – it should have a full set of accessories including a sling and lifting platform.Mine has been re-threaded, but still has its hook and a replacement bucket.
Excavator 300, very unusually in most of its original boxExcavator 300 showing the tracked tyres.With the jib lowered, showing the bucket off well.
Winding mechanism, it needs unravelling and checking at some time, but I could do with a good one to compare.The rear doors open to show the operating levers.A Jones KL 44 in all red, showing the lifting levers.
A number 2 crane in red, note the No.2 has more windows and is larger than the No.1.The opposite side of No.2 with its early style hook and chains to hold the jib up.The L Bros / Tri-ang transfer on this No.2 crane.
A selection of hooks and winches.Another No.2 crane but this time with wire rods to hold the jib up.The Tri-ang – Made in England transfer on this one
A Priestman Grab, sold separately for use with cranes.An early No.1 Crane, I’m sure the transfer isn’t original!The L Bros / Tri-ang transfer on this No.1 crane.
Priestman Grab, I need to learn how to string this as they are quite unusual.Another Jones KL 44 in red and yellow.The KL 44 from the rear, showing the locking levers.
R.A.F. Mobile Jib Crane.The same RAF crane, showing the winch for the hook and lever lock for the jib.I have no idea - It’s some form of tank / armoured car, it’s Triang and it’s mine!
One of my favourites, the Double Decker Bus. I had wanted one for ages and had to walk round Cardiff with it when I found it there!C The other side of the bus, I do have a replacement sticker for the side.The working bell, that rings when you pull its string.
Junior Milk lorry, the door transfer and roof sign are reproductions.The opposite side, showing a full set of bottles and how the cab signs were. Junior Milk lorry box.
Junior Ambulance, this one has been very well restored. .Rear of Junior Ambulance with two stretchers.Reproduction sign on top of the Ambulance.
Junior Farm Lorry, the canopy may be a reproduction. Farm Lorry rear with load of Tri-ang crates.Tri-ang Crates, used for loads in some lorries.
Junior Shell Tanker, I think the tank is in original condition, but some restoring to the cab.Rear of the Shell Tanker.Another unusual one – A Tri-ang Bingo No.3. I can’t find any information on this model at all.
Junior Airport Crash Tender, this appears to be very hard to find Rear of Airport Crash Tender, sadly missing a few bits.The rear of the Bingo lorry – we found this at a car boot sale!
Regal Roadster Horse Transporter, the front bumber is behind the cab, but needs new fixings.Rear of the Horse Transporter, it would have come with a pair of horses.This used to be my sisters pram from the 1970s.
Regal Roadster Circus Wagon, it’s had a bit of a hard life but is nice in original condition.Rear of Circus Wagon that would have had seven animals originally.The other side of the pram, the hood is still complete and working.
HI-WAY Milk Lorry, this range were a late 60s / 70s attempt to modernise, but to me had lost much of the appeal.Rear of HI-WAY Milk Lorry, I need another set of churns, but the lorry has survived well.Not the same pram, but me at my Nan and Grandads in Ford with an earlier one.
I know nothing about this little horse, he has a bell in his wheels.Rear of the little horse, showing how big the wheels are in comparison to the animal.The Pedigree sign sewn into the horse base.
Another unusual one – a toy high chair, its still about 2 feet tall though.Rear view of the same chair, another boot sale find from memory.A pair of Milk Churns used for loads in various toys of the times.